Suffolk Transportation Service, Inc. Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

In order to become a bus driver with Suffolk Transportation Service, Inc. you must be a licensed driver in the United Sates for minimum of three years. Applicants must have a CDL license or CDL permit with the passenger and school bus endorsement.


Do I have to complete the entire application?

Yes! In order for us to review your qualifications appropriately, it is important for you to answer all questions and fill out the application in its entirety. This way, we are able to consider all relevant information to determine if you meet the qualifications of the position you are applying for.


When it comes to job history what are you looking for?

NYS Department of Education requires us to verify the past 10 years of employment. It is important to provide us with company names and contact phone numbers so we can verify your past employment.  If the company is no longer in business you may supply copies of W2’s for verification.  If you have been out of the workforce, that is OK.  Indicate that on your application.


Do you really need three references?

Yes! The NYS Department of Education requires three personal references for school bus drivers. Your three references can be friends or neighbors.  Please do not give us family members as references.  Make sure the phone numbers are correct and legible.


If I have a resume do I need to fill in work history?

A resume is always welcomed though not mandatory. Even with a resume you still must complete the work history section of the application.  Your resume may not answer all the questions in this section.


What happens to my application after I apply?

After you apply we will review your driving history and your application. We consider variables such as your qualifications, work history and availability to determine if you will be contacted for an interview.


When will you contact me?

If your application meets our requirements and we are actively hiring we will contact you for an interview. Please understand we receive hundreds of applications and cannot feasibly respond to each one.


How long will my application remain active?

Your application is considered active for 12 months. After the 12 months you should fill out another application. 


Thank you for considering Suffolk Transportation Service, Inc for employment.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

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